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I'm Craig Sturgis and this is a web site.

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Hi, I’m Craig Sturgis. I live in Indianapolis, and I make my bones as a product management director at Angie’s List. I also do some software and product consulting and coaching here and there. Previously, I co-founded a data driven home management company where I led product management and software development from concept to alpha to fundraise to launch to rapid iteration to rough landing.

When I’m not working I like to play music. I’m always busy on one adventure or another, either in the literal traveling sense, in the local running around the neighborhood sense, or in the new hobby project or “take a look, it’s in a book” sense.

The title of this site is an homage to one of my favorite quotes of all time, from one of my favorite movies. I would have used a quote from my favorite movie, but the obvious ones would probably give people the wrong idea.

I’m on the move physically and mentally a lot of the time, but I can be reached via email by emailing craig or cs @ this domain. I can also be found in many places on the Internet, here are some more of them:

Catch me if you can! (Odds are you can, I don’t run nearly as fast as I used to)