Chasing the Rennaissance

July 25, 2007

(Note: This post originally appeared on my blogspot blog here. Datestamped footnotes with commentary may have been added for my own reflection and amusement.)

My entire life I’ve had two great loves outside of my interpersonal relationships, science / technology and the arts. Both have encompassed a lot of different areas that expand in some areas and wane in others, but both remain constant on a base level.

Since I have chosen to make a career out of a specific aspect of technology (software development), I have been neglecting the arts a bit. Not completely, of course. I wrote the occasional myspace1 blog, I go through the occasional reading binge, I play and listen to an awful lot of music, etc. But, the goal of this blog is to step outside of the walled gardens of social networking and write about things that I find interesting just for fun, mostly falling under the umbrella of the technology and / or the arts.

I’ve always wanted to be a renaissance man before I knew what the term meant or before I had any idea who Danny DeVito was. This new blog is an attempt to brighten up my slightly tarnished writing skills indirectly, as well as maybe providing something interesting to somebody somewhere, but I’m aware of the odds of that. I’m hoping to level out my personal see-saw a bit even if not a single person subscribes to my feed.

Anyhow, I’ll probably be writing about my occasional tech projects, my band, books I’m reading, movies, television, a little bit of sports, the occasional excitement and intrigue associated with the glamorous life of a software engineer, an odd bit of amateur punditry, and who knows what else. I’ll try to keep the echo chamber crap to a minimum, but I’m mostly a doofus so who knows.

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