What's the plan?

What I am planning to do to the website itself, not necessarily its content

Planned for the near future

  • Create automated unsubscribe page / functionality for mailing list


  • Add optional slug override to posts
  • netlify cms set favicon
  • Fix netlify CMS previews on about, generic pages
  • Netlify cms order posts by post date vs. alphabetical
  • Fix main site hero images to work correctly on iphones
  • Resize hero backgrounds so they load more quickly
  • Respect dark mode settings
  • Change layout so less recent ipads don't get the mobile layout and a giant version of my face
  • Fix weird characters in archive post titles
  • Make sure site is using sans serif system fonts
  • (some) Content posts should have a serif font for easier reading on the site itself
  • Create a books section for books I read
  • Add (optional) reading time to posts
  • Email this post button
  • Make sure the sitemap is SEO friendly
  • Fix google font console errors
  • Fix home page headshot so it uses the gatsby image rendering
  • Self hosted contact / mailing list form that's on par with typeform
  • Replace google analytics with self hosted / more privacy friendly option


  • Create a "system" page to link to / from posts about it
  • Create a mailing list and ways to sign up for it
  • Create a core values page / set of pages - went with a post for now
  • Set up netlify editorial workflow for draft posts with pull requests, etc
  • Make sure bulma version used is up to date (upgraded to 0.8.0)
  • Add dates back to posts template
  • get google analytics working
  • Make sure letsencrypt ssl is working
  • Recreate affiliate links page
  • Create this site plan page

You can see the full history of changes to this site on its public github repository