Hi, I'm Craig.

I'm here to apply what I'm learning and share the results.

I lead people to discover and deliver progress for customers in a way that grows and sustains the business we serve.

I try to do that in a way that makes every day great for me, my family, my colleagues, my community, and the world.


2017 - Now

I lead the Product Management, Product Marketing, and Design/UX functions for this enterprise focused personalization scale up. I've "boomeranged" back to work with some old friends, some new ones, and take on a new challenge for a company in a phase I hadn't experienced before and targeting a market I cut my teeth in as an engineer but am now getting to attack as a product person.

2015 - Now

I occasionally act as a consultant in my spare time where I can apply my experience to learn and grow together with clients in ways that deliver tangible progress. I really like uncovering the right adjustments to help companies better align end to end across any or all of sales, marketing, finance, product, UX, tech, customer success, and support. Sometimes it's as small as just optimizing day to day productivity and execution - but all my work revolves around improving operations in a customer focused and business aware way.


I led product teams in a growing capacity during a time of change for Angie's List. First focusing on technical platform products for strategic partnerships, I expanded to take over leadership of the product teams for service providers and then eventually customer acquisition and retention for both sides of the marketplace in addition to reviews. I also led the technical integration team from the Angie's List side in a product capacity through the merger with Home Advisor to an on time launch of the service request funnel before deciding to move on to a new challenge.


Co-founded and led the technology and product functions for Haven, a consumer focused home management marketplace product. I built the core of the product from scratch and led the growing product team after we raised 1M in seed funding, built and launched the initial version to the Indianapolis market and through the acquisition of our intellectual property and wind-down of the company.


Joined as one of the first few employees at what is now SmarterHQ when it was a scrappy enterprise marketing automation startup founded by ExactTarget and data science veterans with a huge vision. As an early engineer, I built core pieces of the product and started and scaled the dedicated technical implementation function as the company grew through closing its $8M series A round from Battery Ventures.


Boarded the Aprimo rocket ship mid flight and learned a ton from a lot of great and talented people. Worked as an engineer on several teams including the flagship MRM product and the reporting and analytics MPM product before moving to work on the first full fledged SAAS offering Aprimo Marketing Studio up through the company's acquisition for $550M by Teradata.

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