April 12, 2012

Recently at my company we’ve gone through a process of having the fine people at Miles Design create branding for us and redesign our website among other things.  They’ve done an outstanding job, but as part of that all of the employees got professional photos taken for the website, promo materials, etc.

I’ve very rarely had to wear makeup in my life, but they brought in a makeup artist to make us all as pretty as possible.  We were all a little out of our element.

I didn’t make the final cut on the website but they did give me my picture to use as a LinkedIn photo. As my friend Jim noticed, it’s a dead ringer for an eHarmony ad:

I tend to agree with him, heh. Just need to be hugging a laughing lady, or something along those lines.  But, if I ever need to audition for something, I’ve got one thing covered.


Your friendly neighborhood non-threatening guy