August 22, 2012

I’m writing this post from the Charlotte airport, yes on my computer.  I have decided during my barely week-long sojourn to my parents’ house in Hilton Head Island, SC to take a shot at doing something in the way of “disconnecting” completely from the very internet focused and ultra connected lifestyle I lead.

This has been a popular concept recently but I’m not sure how many people actually try it or even succeed, but I like to think I’m adventurous on occasion. I’ve also felt more easily stressed or exasperated or quick to be cynical lately, so I figure a break can’t hurt.

Now, writing about a disconnect from a near brand new tiny laptop may have a tinge of hypocrisy to it, but one big reason I still brought my computer is I want to take a chance to jumpstart my writing again.

I joke often that the internet and the way I consume media and electronic interaction most of the time has ruined my attention span, but I worry about that statement being truer than I’d like to admit.  Whenever I have ideas that would make for a good subject to write about, I often get distracted and that idea or perspective either gets lost completely or simplified enough to fit into 140 characters, which often times can’t do it justice.

So here goes, I’m not sure I will live up to the goal of this week, but I’m hoping to get through at least a book or three and through multiple written posts, and never intentionally open either my work or personal email or any social media apps on my phone. I’m also idealistic enough to hope that this will kickstart my long form reading and writing habits again despite past evidence to the contrary.  But, as I like to end blog posts with: while I breathe, I hope.