My Family, My Community, and Me

I live on the Northeast side of Indianapolis with my wife Kelsey in our house full of rescue dogs and cats. Follow me on instagram and you'll catch a glimpse of the zoo.


We live in a society and I believe we all have a responsibility to give back and make it better.

Right now most of our family's community energy goes into animal welfare. Kelsey is a long time volunteer with Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue and I was drafted to help foster and I assist here and there with volunteering and support. I am also an ASPCA supporter.

I try to do my best to stay engaged in civics - especially locally.

I support hunger relief organizations like Gleaners and Second Helpings.

I have a strong interest in helping people who didn't get the same opportunities that I had to develop their talent and skills to be the best members of society they can be.

I am also trying to do my part to preserve and restore the environment our society depends on.


My first hobby is to always learning things and trying figure out how to apply them to my daily life.

I also like to run, walk, or just generally stay active.

I love following and tinkering with tech.

I have an amateur interest in taking care of my home and doing small projects that stretch my skills.

I play guitar and sing but the band is on hiatus.

Our dogs got married too